What can your child be busy doing when you are having a rest at the resort?

You won’t ask yourself this question at Voevodyno! 

Your child will never get bored as the Children’s Club offers master classes, sports games, educational lessons and celebrations.

Wild ox kid Yanosh, a hero of the Children’s Club, is waiting for new friends. He is a fun fidget who loves playing a lot. And he needs friends to play with!


Where shall you go all together with your family on spring, autumn and winter holidays? How to make your family rest more versatile in summer?

Our answer is to come to Voevodyno! At any time of year Voevodyno is clear air, healthy meals, a lot of movement and merry companions for your child.

Activities for any age and character: sports games, dances and quests for the active and noisy ones, educational lessons, captivating master classes and creative competitions for the quiet and shy ones in the Children’s Club.

Attentive animators will help your child adapt to the new environment and have a useful and pleasant time.

If you want to spend time together with your children, Voevodyno also offers a wide range of opportunities: tennis, mini-golf, petanque, walks in the park and daily walking tours along marked routes, horse-riding basics together with a trainer in our Horse-Riding Club, fishing, skiing and tobogganing, four-wheelers, cycling, board games in the lounge bar in case of poor weather and many other activities: you will find something exciting to do at any time of the year!

Family rest is an amazing thing!

Birthday Celebration

A celebration for children and parents? We know what it takes! From a fancy-dress party in the Children’s Club to the open-air picnic: a birthday celebration at Voevodyno can be really different.

Animators of the Children’s Club will be happy to discuss the programme of the future celebration with you, and if a merry fest is going to be held in the open air, our barbecue service will help you lay the table in barbecue garden houses and take care of the festive menu. Individual children’s menu, both tasty and healthy, can be ordered from restaurants at the resort.

All children, just like many adults, often have a sweet tooth. And this is their lucky hour as confectioners’ of Lviv and Uzhhorod can’t wait to treat you with their handmade sweets and wonderful cakes. Once you think about them, they will miraculously get to your table.

Master Classes

Cooking Master Classes

Cooking something delicious with your child? There is nothing impossible at our cooking master class! Children are excited as they are cooking REAL FOOD!

It is also important because joint work unites families, so at home your child will be always ready to help you in the kitchen.

Master Classes on Making Rag Dolls

This kind of handcraft used to be very popular. Rag dolls were more than just dolls: they served as charms, and carried energy of love and protection.

We offer to engage children in the ancient doll-making art.

Decoupage Master Classes

Your child will be able to learn how to decorate ordinary items at home and master new decoration techniques.

Lessons develop fine motor skills and aesthetic perception.


A quest is an adventure with puzzles, competitions and the prize awarded at the end. We create quests for children from 5 to 12 years old, and for parents with children.

The quest area can be all the vast territory of Voevodyno. Participation in the quest gives you an opportunity to express various talents: quick thinking, team spirit, stamina, and creative skills. Family quest will enable father to show his strength, mother her agility, and everybody will feel their family’s support. Quest is a real friendship experience.

We have a thousand of ideas, and we are ready to think of a quest special for you, with account of the season and your interests.

The Children’s Club works every day from 10:00 a.m. until 06:00 p.m. with the break from 01:00 p.m. until 03:00 p.m.
Booking by the telephone +38 (067) 311 24 60 or kinderclub@voevodyno.com

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