Tour type: for family and friends
Tour duration: 5 nights / 4 days
Old Continent Hotel (4*, Uzhgorod) + Voevodyno Resort

We have combined atmosphere of the old town, Transcarpathian hospitality, calmness and greatness of the Carpathians nature.

You will spend 2 days at the Old Continent Hotel located in the center of Uzhgorod. Here you will discover the historical monuments and the ancient streets of the capital of Ukranian Zakarpattya, guide will show you all the city. Then you will have a relaxing recreation among the beech woods at Voevodyno Resort located 45 km from Uzhgorod. The fresh air, sound of mountain streams and calm atmosphere will fill you with harmony, and a walk around the resort and Schönborn Park will give a lot of impressions.

Price: 395 USD (10260 UAH) per two persons

The tour includes:

  • Accommodation at the Old Continent Hotel, 2 nights, including breakfast
  • Accommodation at the Voevodyno Resort, 2 nights, including breakfast
  • Sightseeing tour around Uzhgorod
  • Aqua-zone at the Resort, 3 days
  • Excursion at the Schonborn Park
  • Transfers

Booking: +38 (0312) 66 93 66,